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Nattika Life Online - Cancellation & Refund Policy

This Cancellation and Refund Policy describes the applicable conditions for all clients that make use of Nattika Life Online Services. This must be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. 



All Services offered by Nattika Life Online are Subscription based services. 

The Service is rendered solely thorough Online Mediums.

You are entitled to a Free Trial of the Service as specified in the Pricing Plan during time of Sign Up. 

After the Free Trial period ends you will be automatically charged the subscription amount as per your chosen plan. 

You have the freedom to cancel at any time and cease your subscription services with Nattika Life.

Cancellation can be made by logging into your account and selecting the Cancel Plan Option or by contacting us on



All Services offered by Nattika Life Online are Subscription based services and are not normally eligible for a Refund after the Free Trial Period ends. 

Continuing the Subscription after the Free Trial period indicates your willingness to be charged for the Services offered by Nattika Life. 

You will be eligible for a Refund only if the said services booked by you are unable to be provided by Nattika Life.

In the event that the Services eligible to you under your chosen Subscription Plan are not available or unable to be delivered to you, We will issue a full refund of the amount paid by you at no cost to you. 

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