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Online Yoga Program

Now avail Individual online yoga sessions specifically tailored for your needs. The instructor guides your awareness to specific areas to enhance your body’s natural intuition with manual adjustments for correct practice of each asana.

Guided Pranayama (yogic breathing) removes blockages from the subtle energy channels and enhances vitality and relaxation.

Meditation classes teach various techniques to harmonize the mind and spirit.

Ayurveda Cooking Sessions

Nattika Gurukulam with
Certification Program

Our healthy cooking classes are specially designed around Ayurveda diets. Conducted by our expert chef, learn how better diet can improve your health. Each session is personalized with Signature Recipes for your Body Type.  

Being a Green leaf and NABH accredited organization offering authentic Ayurveda treatments for the past 10 years, we offer a series of online classes covering various topics for those who want to learn Ayurveda in a more simple way. The syllabus is designed by our highly experienced Ayurveda faculty.  

The certificate course offered at Nattika helps to engage in self-inquiry, grow in your understanding of self through an Ayurveda perspective, and apply what you are learning to your own life. It is a program that will transform who you are, support you in realizing your true nature, and help you express that nature in the world. 

Whether you're a professional looking for an additional qualification or an enquiring mind eager for greater knowledge and skills, you'll be able to find a suitable Distance Learning Program at our training workshop. 

If you are working, family or other commitments, our online courses offer the flexibility to schedule your Online Learning Program around these obligations, providing a best in class education tailored to your lifestyle and commitments. 

After the successful completion of the training, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion from our organization.


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