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Nattika Gurukulam 
Online Certification Course

We are offering a series of online classes covering various topics for those who want to learn Ayurveda in a more simple way. Designed by our highly experienced Ayurveda faculty, the syllabus is planned in simple terminologies for your easy learning and is delivered by our experienced team of doctors.


The main highlights of Nattika Gurukulam online certificate course are

a) Fast Learning – Though our detailed and simple explanation of the classical science by Doctors team.

b) Study at your convenience – You will receive the video presentation of each class periodically and you can learn the same as per your convenient time.

c) Unlimited access – Along with the Video PPT presentation, you will be receiving the kit of detailed study material and have lifetime access to those study materials for the members.

d) Get certification – After the successful completion of the training, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion from our organization.




Level 1- Ayurveda Basics

Course Duration: 3 Month (12 sessions – 1 sessions per week)


Details: The Ayurveda Basic Course builds foundation in Basic Ayurveda concepts and terms, introduces Doshas, concepts related to five elements (Panchmahabhuta), Agni, Malas, body constitutions and other foundation concepts to build a good base for further studies.


Tutorial 1: Ayurveda – Introduction, Definition and Branches

Tutorial 2: Ayurveda Origin- The mythological origin of Ayurveda and its development through ages

Tutorial 3: Samhithas of Ayurveda – Introduction to the classical text books in Ayurveda

Tutorial 4: Concept of Panchamahaboothas – Five elemental principal

Tutorial 5: Concept of Thridosha

Tutorial 6: Vatha – Functions, Type and properties

Tutorial 7: Pitha – Functions, Type and properties

Tutorial 8: Kapha - Functions, Type and properties

Tutorial 9: Dhathu & Mala – Concept of Body tissue and Waste formation

Tutorial 10: Agni and Ama – Concept of Digestive fine and its impairment 

Tutorial 11: Prakruthi – Concept of Body nature

Tutorial 12: Prakruthi Analysis


Level 2- Ayurveda Advanced Certificate 

Course Duration: 3 Month (12 sessions – 1 sessions per week)


Details: This course helps you to understand intermediate to advanced concepts and procedures in Ayurveda like concept of disease and treatments, pathology of diseases, Application of daily regimen and seasonal regime in daily life based on Ayurveda principles, Ayurveda diet concept and its classification based on Doshas, details of Panchkarma methods


Tutorial 1: Ayurveda Diet concept and the concept of Shadrasa – 6 Tastes

Tutorial 2: Concept of Guna – Properties of various elements

Tutorial 3: Dravya Guna-1 – Properties of different herbs

Tutorial 4: Dravya Guna-2 – Properties of different herbs

Tutorial 5: Dinacharya – Daily regimen practice explained in Ayurveda

Tutorial 6: Rithucharya – Seasonal regimen practice explained in Ayurveda

Tutorial 7: Ashtavidha Aahara Kalpana – Dietetic principles in Ayurveda

Tutorial 8: Adharaneya Vegas – In suppressive Vegas (Natural reflex)

Tutorial 9: Concept of Diseases

Tutorial 10: Treatments and their classification

Tutorial 11: Panchakarma – Poorvakarma & Nasya Karma

Tutorial 12: Panchakarma – Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Raktha Mokshana 

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