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Discover Ayurvedic Essential Oil Blends

The Nattika Life Herbal and Oil Company presents to you - Nattika Essence - A pioneering
innovation by combining the science of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.

Each of our Essential Oil blends has its own array of unique healing properties, uses and
effects that can help us to heal, stimulate, relax, concentrate, reduce stress, balance our emotional state and help to manage various health issues.

Now available in 10 ml Tamper Proof Euro Dropper Bottles.

Choose your essential oil blend according to your individual body type.

Blended Essential Massage Oils

The Nattika Life Herbal oil Company introduces "Nattika Essence Blended Massage Oil', a pioneering innovation by combining the science of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.

 Discover some of the best therapeutic and refreshing essential oil blends that nourish your skin and enrich you.

Make your body comfortable with a pleasant fragrance and feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

These ready to massage oils are blended with 80% virgin coconut oil combined with 20% Nattika essence blends.

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Explore Ayurvedic Herbal Oils from Nattika Life

Chose from 25 different types of herbal Ayurveda oils,


prepared with Ayurvedic herbs from the Western Ghats.


All ingredients are naturally-sourced and prepared inhouse by our team of Vaidyars.

Our Herbal Ayurveda Oils come in two different sizes, 250 ml and 500ml bottles.


Read more here.

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 PRABAH – Blended Essential Oil Candle

Nattika Life Happily presents to you, “ PRABAH” – Blended Essential Oil Candle


Discover some of the refreshing essential oil candles to enrich your soul and feel rejuvenated, relaxed and enlightened in your living space.


We have prepared a selection of books prepared by our team for your wellbeing and to impart our knowledge.

Access our online book shop for the latest In House Cook books by Master Cher Joshy and Ayurveda Diet Books.

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